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Enrichment Classes

The Explorer program offers a variety of Enrichment Classes for students starting with Beginners through 8th grade. Any St. Martin's student may take Explorers classes, like arts & crafts, musical instrument instruction, dance, karate, golf, etc. Classes are offered each semester for an 8-week time span for an additional cost. Please refer to the school calendar for the registration dates  for Fall and Spring enrichment.

Important Dates

Explorers is open on the first day of school for those enrolled for the semester only. 

  • There are NO DROP-IN's on the first two days

Spring enrichment online enrollment begins on TBD at 11:00 am online and ends on TBD, at midnight.

  • No new enrollments will be accepted after the close of the enrollment period.
  • There are never any enrichment classes when we are not in school.
  • The classes begin the week of TBD.

Explorer enrollment is due by July 1.

Changes to your Explorer enrollment are accepted until the end of September after which only drop-in care is available. 
Last dates for each Fall Enrichment Class: TBD

Monday classes

Tuesday classes
Wednesday classes 
Thursday classes
Friday classes