Emergency Procedures

Emergency Communications 
St. Martin's maintains an effective, state-approved emergency management plan from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency  (GEMA). The plan includes a broad range of subject matters and procedures. 

In the case of an emergency (inclement weather, school closings, etc.), St. Martin’s will use several modes of communication to share information with our community.

School Closings
In the event of inclement weather that is hazardous to students' safety, St. Martin's School will be closed. 

The Headmaster will make the final decision to close the school and information will be communicated to school families in the following ways, assuming that phones and other technology are in operation. 

  • An Emergency Bulletin will be posted on the school website. It will appear as a pop-up message upon visiting the website and then will remain as a banner across the top of each web page.
  • Email announcements and/or e-newsletter (PushPage) emails will be sent to all school families.
  • The school web calendar will note that school is closed and appropriate events will be canceled or postponed.
  • The school uses the Calling Post telephone service to send a voice message to all families. The phone service is based out of state, so an unusual area code may appear on the incoming telephone call.
  • The school will notify local radio and TV stations; however, the stations may take up to an hour to add St. Martin's to their scrolling lists of school closings.
  • Messages will also be posted on the school Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

If events should occur during the school day which would cause the school to be closed early (sudden snowstorm, power failure, etc.), every effort will be made to contact parents either at home or at work through the methods listed above. 

It is very important that families promptly notify the school of any changes in phone numbers and email addresses.
Please contact the Registrar at (404) 237-4260, ext. 734 to update parent contact information.

Academic Plan Due to School Closure
If there are three (3) consecutive days of school closure, each division will follow the action plan below.

If Atlanta has power outages, the school understands that students without access to the Internet at home may not be able to complete their assignments.

Academic Action Plans

List of 3 items.

  • Early Childhood

    Teachers will have information on their classroom web page containing current curriculum that parents can access to reinforce what has been taught in class. A list of books will be on the EC Parent web page that parents can access to reinforce Reading and Listening skills.
  • Elementary School

    Teachers will use their classroom web pages to share websites that will reinforce concepts already covered in class. They will also use the Topics section of their classroom webpage. In 4th and 5th grades, teachers also will use their classroom web pages to deliver instruction using video technology. Students will view these lessons and access work that is either uploaded to the school’s website or shared via Google Drive. New content may be introduced in 4th and 5th grades during school closures if the teachers have the appropriate equipment at home.
  • Middle School

    Teachers will use their classroom web pages to post assignments and, as appropriate, may deliver instruction using video technology. Students will access work and/or instruction either on the school’s website or shared via Google Drive. On their class web pages, teachers will have topics for each unit so that students/parents can reinforce what has been taught in class. Teachers will have web resources available on their websites that students/parents can access. New content may be introduced during school closures if the teachers have the appropriate equipment at home. 
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