Before Care Explorers

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  • What is it?

    • "Before Care" is care for students before the school day starts. 
    • It is managed by Explorers staff.
  • Who can attend?

    • All St. Martin's students can attend Explorers Before Care - Toddlers through 8th grade.
    • Students can be enrolled for the semester for AM Explorers or as a drop-in daily. 
  • Where is it held?

    • Toddlers, Beginners, and Pre-Kindergarten
      • Toddlers, Beginners, and PK will be housed in The Agora Room in the EC wing of SMES.
      • Parents must enter the main school entrance at Warrior Hall and escort their student(s) to this room and sign them in.
    • Kindergarten through 8th grade
      • They are housed in the Commons or lunchroom in Warrior Hall.
      • Students must enter the main school entrance at Warrior Hall and they do not need to be escorted down.
      • Once in the Commons, the students will sign themselves in and the time is noted. 
  • Hours

    • Before Care begins promptly at 7:15 am Monday through Friday when school is in session.
    • AM Explorers is free for all students AFTER 7:45 am on Wednesday late arrival day, no drop-in form is needed.
    • AM Explorers is in operation on the first day of school
      • For those enrolled for the semester only
      • NO DROP-INS the first week of school
    • AM Explorers is in operation on half days/early dismissal 
    • There is no Explorers when school is not in session.
      • Please see Holiday Camp for those options or contact Morries Walker, at or Maria Canty at for Holiday Camp information.
  • Schedule

    • Toddlers, Beginners and Pre-Kindergarten
      • They play games, color and/or draw until the school day begins and they are then escorted to their classrooms.
    • Kindergarten through 8th grade
      • Activity centers are available on various tables offering manipulatives, drawing/coloring, games as well as space for those who want to do homework or read. Once school begins, the Kindergarten students are escorted to their classrooms and the others are released to go to their classes on their own. 
  • Enrollment options, Drop-in information and Fees

    • Per semester enrollment
      • This enrollment option is for the Fall semester that runs from August through December and then for the Spring semester that runs from January through May.
      • This option is for best when you have set days of care
      • Enrollment is due by July 1 prior to the start of the school year in order to plan for the upcoming year.
      • We do accept tweaks to the schedules until the end of September only after which we do not take any new enrollments or changes to schedules.
      • The enrollment form can be found here:   
        • It will require you to create an account.
        • Please make note of your login and password for this account.
      • Fees are billed per semester in September and again in February for this option. 
        • Toddlers - 8th grade 
          • 5 days - $440
          • 4 days - $370
          • 3 days - $310
          • 2 days - $250
          • 1 day - $190
    • Drop-in
      • This method is for your occasional need for care or when you have emergencies or events that fall outside of your regular schedule
      • The drop-in form can be found here
        • Only one student per form 
        • Only one day per form
        • Dates can be entered in advance
        • Use the "Additional Information" section to give specific information such as carpool numbers, playdate information, pick persons name, etc.
        • Email your child's teacher with the information about their drop-in. 
        • Once Explorers opens the form we will respond that it was received. 
      • We do block billing times and you will receive your bill after the end of the month drop-ins are incurred.
      • Fees for drop-ins:
        • AM Explorers - $10
        • Toddlers, Beginners & PK:
          • 1:30-3:15 pm - $15
          • 1:30-6:00 pm - $35
        • Kindergarten - 8th grade:
          • 3:10-6:00 pm - $25
  • How to make changes to enrollment?

    • Permanent changes to semester enrollment for Morning Explorers: An example of permanent changes would be changing the days of care you need by adding or subtracting days or changing your needs from those listed for the Fall for the Spring for the semester prior to the cut off time for enrollment for each semester which is typically the end of September for Fall semester and the end of January for Spring semester.
      1. Go to the account you created here 
      2. Enter your login and password
      3. Select or deselect the options you need to change or enter in changes.
      4. Explorers personnel will receive an email when changes have been made, respond that the changes have been received, and will make the appropriate adjustments.
      5. If changes cannot be made online please contact Maria Canty at 
    • Changes to drop-in: Once you submit a drop-in form for Morning Explorers and you see that you need to make a change please resubmit another form and indicate on the form whether it is a change or a cancelation.
      1. Go the drop-in form and resubmit what needs to be changed or canceled.
      2. Use the notes section if needed.
  • Questions?

    Please contact for information about Explorers, enrichment or holiday camp:
    After 3:00 pm we can be reached at the Explorers cell phone at 404-421-7697
  • Important Dates

    • Morning Explorers starts on the first day of school for those enrolled for the semester.
      • There are no drop-ins accepted on the first week of school.
    • There is Morning Explorers on half days of school.
    • July 1st is when enrollments for the upcoming school year are due.
    • September 30th – no new enrollments or changes will be accepted for the Fall semester. Only drop in care will be available.
    • December 1st – last day of school prior to Christmas holiday – Changes to schedules or cancellations for the Spring semester are due.
    • January 31st - no new enrollments or changes will be accepted for the Spring semester. Only drop in care will be available.
    • Billing from the business office will be sent out in September for Fall Semester.
    • Billing from the business office will be sent out in February for Spring Semester.
  • How do I obtain receipts for taxes and Dependent Care Reimbursement?

    If you have a Dependent Care Reimbursement plan and need a receipt for summer camp, enrichment classes and/or Explorers after care, please find the session you need by following the procedures listed below. 
    For FALL 2019 and SPRING 2020 Explorer aftercare receipts:
    Please contact Karen McAlinden in the business office at
    For FALL 2020, SPRING 2021 or FALL 2021 Explorer aftercare receipts:
    • Log into your FACTS account and choose the option to View Details.
    • Choose View Payment Summary.
    • Select the year 202X in the drop down and click Print. Note our Federal Tax ID prints in the top right corner of the report. Federal Tax ID:58-1495174
    • Alternatively, to print only Explorers information, select Transactions and use the drop down boxes to filter the specific Explorers information desired. This will show the Dates in Service (these are also on the invoice you are sent from the FACTS system).
    If your Employer needs more information on the Explorers program, please use click here for more information.
    For FALL 2019 and SPRING 2020 Holiday Camp and/or Enrichment Classes AND ALL Summer Camp receipts:
    • Log in to the account used to register for Enrichment classesholiday campor summer camp.
    • After logging in, click the red button with the wording "View Registration Details" 
    • On the next page find the  section on the right titled "Financial" and click the  hyperlink that reads "Download Printable Season Account Statement"
    • Print

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