Enrichment Classes

The Explorer program hosts and offers a varied selection of Enrichment Classes for students starting with Beginners through 8th grade. Any student at St. Martin's may take Explorers classes like arts & crafts, musical instrument instruction, dance, karate, golf, and others. These classes are offered each semester for a 6-week time span for an additional cost. Please refer to the school calendar for the registration dates for both Fall and Spring enrichment.

List of 14 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the Explorers Enrichment Program?

    The St. Martin's Explorers program offers a variety of after-school enrichment classes for students each semester. These fun classes are taught by both SMES teachers and external vendors.  The program is offered after regular school dismissal and is managed by the Explorers staff.
  • What kinds of activities are offered through the Enrichment program?

    Each semester we publish a comprehensive Enrichment class catalog on the Explorer page of the SMES website.  This catalog offers detailed descriptions of all the classes offered.

    We also host a Vendor Fair during Orientation in August for parents to meet the various vendors and ask questions about the classes offered.
  • Who is eligible to enroll in Explorer Enrichment classes?

    • Explorers begin the Enrichment program with Beginners students up to 8th grade for some classes. Each class outlines their target grades.
    • Classes can be taken by those students enrolled in Explorers as well as those who are not enrolled in Explorers. So it is not necessary to enroll in Explorers aftercare to take enrichment classes.
      • For those Beginner & PK students NOT enrolled in Explorer aftercare:
        • Beginner & PK students will come to us at dismissal at 1:15 pm during the enrichment period and we will have them in aftercare until 2:00 pm when their class starts.
        • After the class ends at 2:45pm we will take your student to the dismissal location you indicated in the enrichment registration process. Those options are:
          • 2:50 pm carpool – This carpool at the EC door. This choice is ideal for those families that don’t have any siblings in ES or MS.
          • 3:15 pm Mixed Carpool – This carpool is at the main school entrance and it is for those families who have students in a mix of divisions and they want to pick up in one carpool.
          • Walker – This option is for those families who live in walking distance to the school. There is a form that the school requires to give parental consent for students to walk.
          • Bus – This option is for those families who have signed up for their students to ride the bus.
        • Beginner & PK student MUST be picked up after the class is over at 2:45 pm or be subject to drop-in fees.
      • For those K – 8th grade students NOT enrolled in Explorers aftercare:
        • K – 8th grade students will come to us at dismissal at 2:50 pm or 3:15 pm and we will have them until 3:30 pm when their class starts.
        • After the class ends at 4:15 pm all students MUST be picked up at the EC entrance or be subject to drop-in fees. 
  • Where are Explorers Enrichment classes held?

    Explorers Enrichment classes are held in a variety of locations on the St. Martin's campus. We use classrooms, conference rooms and large spaces for the various classes.
  • When are Explorer Enrichment classes offered?

    • Enrichment classes are offered in 6-week sessions each semester and typically begin in September and February.
    • The enrollment period is usually open for one week in late August and again in January and the date are listed on the school calendar.
    • We have a variety of classes offered Monday through Friday with multiple classes on each day.
    • Beginner & PK classes are held from 2:00 - 2:45 pm.
    • Kindergarten – 8th grades classes are held from 3:30 - 4:15 pm. 
  • What is the Explorer Enrichment schedule the student will follow after dismissal?

    Beginner & Pre-Kindergarten
      1:15 pm     Pick up from their classrooms and check in
      1:20 pm     Outdoor/Indoor play depending on weather
      1:40 pm     Return indoors to prepare for enrichment classes (snack provided)
      2:00 pm     Enrichment class starts
      2:45 pm     Enrichment students are taken back to Explorers or for departure

      2:50 pm     Pick up from their classrooms and check in
      3:00 pm     Outdoor/Indoor play depending on weather
      3:20 pm     Return indoors to prepare for enrichment classes (snack provided)
      3:30 pm     Enrichment class starts
      4:15 pm     Enrichment students are taken back to Explorers or for departure

    1st – 8th grade
      3:15 pm     Arrive in Commons and check in
      3:15 pm     Snack and homework time
      3:30 pm     Enrichment class starts
      4:15 pm     Enrichment students are taken back to Explorers or for departure
  • How to enroll in the Explorer Enrichment program?

    During our twice per year open enrollment, Explorers uses online enrollment that accepts credit cards in advance for the classes.
    • Create an account and enroll here.  
      • Please make note of your username and password as you will need each time you register for a class.
    • The system will take you through each step once it goes live at 11:00 am on the day of registration
    • Payment via Discover, Visa and MasterCard is due at registration.
    • There will be no registrations accepted after the close of the registration period.

  • After I register, how can I make changes to my selection?

    • Cancelations, changes and refunds can only be made by contacting Maria Canty at mcanty@stmartinschool.org.
    • Changes and refunds will be issued only until the week prior to the start of the class in question.
    • No refunds will be issued after the start of the classes.
    • There is a $5.00 charge for the cancellation but the remainder of the class fee will be refunded to the card used for the registration.
  • What is the cost for Explorer Enrichment?

    • Each class has its own fee associated for the 6 weeks of class.
    • See the catalog for specifics. 
    • Fall catalog will be available in May.
  • How to pick up from Explorer Enrichment?

    If you need to pick up a student prior to the dismissal of the class please enter through the main school entrance and see the person at the front desk. They will call Explorers and we will gather your student for you.
    • For Beginner & PK students they can depart via several different methods after their class ends at 2:45 pm:
      • 2:50 pm EC carpool
      • 3:15 pm Mixed carpool
      • As a walker
      • As a bus rider
      • If they are enrolled in Explorers aftercare they can return to our program
    • For K – 8th grade students their departure options after their class ends at 4:15 pm:
      • Pick up at the EC entrance at 4:15 pm – see the person at the desk at the EC entrance
      • If they are enrolled in Explorers aftercare they can return to our program
  • Who do I contact with questions about Explorer Enrichment?

    • All questions concerning enrichment classes should be directed to Maria Canty @ mcanty@stmartinschool.org and Morries Walker @ mwalker@stmartinschool.org as the vendors are contractors with our aftercare program and do not set policy.
    • Consult the online Weekly Warrior for reminders, updates and general information about enrichment.
  • Important Dates

    • Vendor Fair – Come meet our enrichment vendors on Orientation day.
    • Enrichment Enrollment online starting at 11:00 am on TBD through TBD until midnight. 
    • Enrichment begins the week of TBD
    • Class end dates:
      • Monday classes end - TBD
      • Tuesday classes end - TBD
      • Wednesday classes end - TBD
      • Thursday classes end - TBD
      • Friday classes end - TBD
  • How do I obtain receipts for taxes and Dependent Care Reimbursement?

    If you have a Dependent Care Reimbursement plan and need a receipt for summer camp, enrichment classes and/or Explorers after care, please find the session you need by following the procedures listed below. 
    For FALL 2019 and SPRING 2020 and FALL 2021 Explorer aftercare receipts:
    Please contact Karen McAlinden in the business office at 
    For FALL 2020 or SPRING 2021 Explorer aftercare receipts:
    • Log into your FACTS account and choose the option to View Details.
    • Choose View Payment Summary.
    • Select the year 202X in the drop down and click Print. Note our Federal Tax ID prints in the top right corner of the report. Federal Tax ID:58-1495174
    • Alternatively, to print only Explorers information, select Transactions and use the drop down boxes to filter the specific Explorers information desired. This will show the Dates in Service (these are also on the invoice you are sent from the FACTS system).
    If your Employer needs more information on the Explorers program, please click here for more information.
    For FALL 2019 and SPRING 2020 Holiday Camp and/or Enrichment Classes AND ALL Summer Camp receipts:
    • Log in to the account used to register for Enrichment classesholiday campor summer camp.
    • After logging in, click the red button with the wording "View Registration Details" 
    • On the next page find the  section on the right titled "Financial" and click the  hyperlink that reads "Download Printable Season Account Statement"
    • Print

Important Dates

  • Explorers is open on the first day of school for those enrolled for the semester only. 
    • There are NO DROP-IN's on the first two days
  • Fall enrichment online enrollment begins on TBD at 11:00 am online and ends on TBD, at midnight.
    • No new enrollments will be accepted after the close of the enrollment period.
    • There are never any enrichment classes when we are not in school.
    • The classes begin the week of TBD
  • Explorer enrollment is due by July 1
  • Changes to your Explorer enrollment are accepted until the end of September after which only drop-in care is available. 

Last dates for each Fall Enrichment Class: TBD

Monday classes

Tuesday classes
Wednesday classes 

Thursday classes

Friday classes 
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