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The St. Martin's Athletic Program represents an important part of school life. St. Martin's Warriors compete against schools of similar size and skill through the Metro Atlanta Athletic Conference (MAAC), Dunwoody Senior for baseball, and YPL for 7-on-7 touch football. 
Each year, St. Martin's fields teams in 9 different sports. More than two-thirds of all Middle School students (6th-8th grades) participate on these teams, while others (1st-5th grades) play on intramural teams where they are introduced to new sports or work to polishing their skills.
Students learn not only the skills of the game but good sports conduct and leadership qualities. They also serve as ambassadors of the school when visiting other campuses. Since the MAAC founding in 2006, 36 St. Martin's teams have won the conference championships.
Our team mascot is the Warrior, named for St. Martin, a Christian soldier in the Early Middle Ages.
All athletic events are listed on the Athletic Calendar
St. Martin’s is offering opportunities to our younger ES students (1st - 3rd) in addition to the 4th- and 5th-grade programs.
St. Martin’s offers a wide variety of Intramural Sports programs designed for students to participate in athletic activities with their friends while developing basic skills. Each program is broken up into multiple sessions. The first half of each session is dedicated to skill-development, and then students are given a chance to test their skills in games against their peers. These games are closely monitored, but no scores are kept. The intramural program’s focus is improvement and fun!
Please use the links below to register for each sport your student is interested in trying.

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  • Program Overview

    -Girls Volleyball
    -Boys Soccer
    -Boys and Girls Cross Country
    -Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee 

    -Boys and Girls Basketball 

    -Boys Baseball
    -Boys and Girls Tennis
    -Boys and Girls Golf
    -7 on 7 Touch football
    -Girls Soccer

    Many sports have multiple levels:
    • The A Teams are our elite teams. They have a more demanding practice and game schedule and require full commitment.  
    • The B Teams are more developmental. Practice will vary from 2-3 times per week with several games throughout the season.
    • The C Teams practice 1-2 times a week with a limited number of games.
  • Mission Statement

    St. Martin’s Episcopal School strives to offer a wide variety of competitive athletic programs, which coincides with the interests of our students, administration, parents and people of the St. Martin’s community. These programs are designed to allow students to compete at the right pace along with other athletes of similar skill level while learning new skills, philosophies, and athletic knowledge.  All teams emphasize the basics and strive to develop good habits.  Our goal is to create an encouraging atmosphere where teamwork, personal development, sportsmanship and leadership will be developed in a loving, Christian atmosphere."
  • Philosophy & Values

    St. Martin’s Episcopal School offers students the opportunity to build an appreciation and love for lifelong fitness through athletics. Participation in athletics also provides a platform for students to search for one’s fifth gear: that moment when you think you cannot run any faster or go any further, learning to reach down deep and find more, while breaking through self-afflicted parameters and achieving more than we thought we could. 

    Through a commitment to excellence in academics, athletics, and life, SMES student-athletes learn that collaboration and fun, coupled with hard work and dedication, leads to personal growth and success. Our athletics program enhances the academic experience by promoting healthy competition and physical activity while stressing sportsmanship and teamwork.  Our opponent is a vital aspect of all athletic completions.  Without them, we would not have the ability to compete.  When two teams strive to play to the best of their ability, give max effort, leave everything they have in the competition, while playing inside the rules of the game, an opportunity is created for perfection to be achieved.  This creates fantastic rivalries, raises both teams’ level of play, creates an amazing atmosphere and fosters the true essence of interscholastic athletics. 

    St. Martin’s tries to accommodate any and all students who wish to participate. Teams are created to meet students where they are and group athletes of similar ability in order to generate appropriate internal and external competition.  The goal is to develop a competitive atmosphere while maintaining a culture of encouragement and support of one another.  We provide dedicated and experienced coaches and top quality resources to parents and student-athletes and the overall community in search of greater achievement.  Each team and individual should be striving for their best while making everyone around them achieve their best.  Full commitment from the student-athletes and from their parents is essential to the success of the program.  Through these goals and objectives, our athletes grow spiritually and strengthen our students’ Christian values.
    Personal development – The St. Martin’s athletics program’s main purpose is to promote personal growth.  We strive for our students not only to grow physically and mentally but emotionally and spiritually, as well.   
    Sportsmanship / integrity - St. Martin’s athletes strive to conduct themselves with dignity and class while winning or losing. We develop and maintain the highest moral standards, demonstrate sound judgment and achieve ethical decision-making while maintaining self-discipline. 
    Teamwork - St. Martin’s strives to create athletes who encourage one another in success as in failure.  Our athletes thrive together in an encouraging setting Learning to collaborate, develop team goals and strive towards a common vision. Our athletes strive to be their best.

    Leadership - In building this type of student-athlete, we develop leaders for tomorrow while strengthening their Christian values. 

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    Ohio University - M.S.

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