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Visual Arts

St. Martin's visual art students celebrate the creative process through self-expression and a sense of wonder. Students work with a variety of media, gaining confidence through instruction and practice. The art teachers nurture and encourage, as well as challenge students to find their creative voice. Our program is designed to emphasize hands-on learning with a project-based curriculum.

Early Childhood

The Early Childhood art program allows students to express themselves creatively through a variety of art activities. Students are encouraged to develop skills while exploring materials, styles and the lives of many artists. Art projects are integrated within the curriculum of the classrooms and school-wide programs. 

Lower School

The Lower School visual arts program is a spiraling curriculum. This teaching strategy allows for student entry into the program at any age level. Self-expression and originality in the production of art imagery using a wide range of two and three-dimensional media are encouraged at all age levels. Students develop knowledge through the application of the elements of design (line, shape, form, texture, space, color, value) and the principles (movement, rhythm, balance, emphasis, contrast, harmony, unity, proportion) that organize those elements into a sound visual composition.

Middle School

Visual Arts classes in Middle School encourage the enjoyment of artistic discovery and process. Students learn to appreciate the work of their peers and further develop a sense of craftsmanship and aesthetics. They learn to solve problems visually, building on what they have learned in the past with advanced techniques, materials and concepts. The focus is on innovation, experimentation and finding one's creative voice. Middle School students work more independently in a casual art lab setting in drawing, painting, fiber arts, ceramics, and digital art. 

Meet the Team

Suzanne Ford

Suzanne Ford

EC & LS Visual Art Teacher
Libby Tyler

Libby Tyler

LS & MS Art Teacher