The Kairos Learning Center at St. Martin's

St. Martin's Episcopal School (SMES) offers a unique learning environment for students who have language-based learning differences such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia that affect their ability to learn in large classes utilizing traditional teaching methods. "Kairos," in ancient Greek, refers to the right, critical or opportune moment in time. 

At St. Martin's we honor this idea by offering this 'school within a school' approach allowing identified students in first through eighth grade to receive the additional support they need to succeed balanced with immersion in the educational experience, extracurricular opportunities and overall culture offered at St. Martin's Episcopal School.

2021-22 1st-6th* Grade Tuition     $30,150
(*6th Grade comprehensive program includes English support- program details below)

2021-22 Middle School Fee*                $4,875
(6th, 7th, 8th Middle School Kairos - program details below)
*St. Martin's Middle School Tuition plus Fee

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  • Admission Process

    Admission Process for the Kairos Learning Center
    • To begin the application process, click on the “Apply Online” link to complete the online application found in the Ravenna application portal website and submit the $75 non-refundable application fee. For 1st – 5th grade applicants, you will need to sign and submit the JATP authorization. Although you will complete this step to continue in Ravenna, the JATP exam is not needed as your child's psycho-educational evaluation fulfills the JATP testing requirement.
    • Please sign the transcript release form found in your online account to request your current school to send us your child’s transcript.
    • Please delegate (send via email) the required teacher evaluation forms that are listed for the grade to which you are applying. These forms should be completed by your child’s current teacher and can be submitted electronically within the Ravenna portal directly to St. Martin’s.
    • A current (within the last three years) psychoeducational evaluation report is required for 1st – 5th grade Kairos Learning Center applicants. Middle school applicants are not required to have a full psychoeducational evaluation but St. Martin’s asks that families share any testing completed within the last three years for all applicants.
    • Once we have received your child’s completed application along with the additional required forms, we will contact you to schedule a school visit. We ask that applicants spend time on campus visiting in the classroom and participating in a screening during which formal and informal assessment of academic areas, oral language skills, and writing proficiency will be completed.
    • Notification of an admission decision is made on an individual basis and includes consideration of space availability for the following school year. Decisions into the Kairos Learning Center are made through the year.
  • Kairos for Elementary School at St. Martin's

    The foundation of the SMES Kairos program begins in Elementary School where students receive:
    • 90 minutes of Language Arts instruction in a small group setting.
      • Teachers utilize auditory/visual/tactile/kinesthetic methods based on The Orton-Gillingham (OG) Approach.
        • Phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and automaticity, writing, spelling, grammar, morphology and reading comprehension.
    • 50 minutes of multi-sensory math instruction in a small group setting
    • Integration with St. Martin's peers for co-curricular classes (P.E., art, music, science, religion, library) as well as lunch, recess, chapel, performances and school events and athletics.
  • Kairos for Middle School at St. Martin's

    6th, 7th & 8th Grade Curriculum
    Students in the Middle School program will participate in two blocks of support.
    • A small group Study Skills course focuses on teaching executive function skills (organization, time management, planning, prioritizing), study skills, test-taking strategies and self-advocacy (6:1 max. student to teacher ratio)
    • A structured study hall  (M-Th) from 3:30-4:30 p.m.(10:1 max. student to teacher ratio) allows students to work on homework and practice new skills with supervised support.
  • Kairos 6th Grade Plus English Support

    6th Grade Curriculum (plus small-group English support)
    Sixth grade can be a year of transition for some students and the 6th Grade Plus English Support program offers three blocks of small group support.
    • English instruction in a small group setting (6:1  max. student to teacher ratio).
    • Study Skills course focusing on teaching executive function skills (organization, time management, planning, prioritizing), study skills, test-taking strategies and self-advocacy (6:1 max student to teacher ratio).
    • Structured study hall  (M-Th) from 3:30-4:30 p.m.(10:1 max. student to teacher ratio).

Kairos Learning Center

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    Ms. Rosalie Davis 

    Interim Director of Kairos Learning Center
    University of Georgia - B.S.
    University of Georgia - M.Ed.
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