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Beyond St. Martin's

The St. Martin’s graduate is...ready for what's next!

At St. Martin's, preschool through eighth grade is more than just school. It's a rich an exciting experience dedicated to preparing students to embrace life wholeheartedly. Personalized attention, instruction and support ensure that SMES graduates learn about the world and themselves through intellectual adventures, extracurricular opportunities and spiritual exploration. Before leaving St. Martin's, 8th-graders celebrate in a big way with a fun and memorable class trip to the Grand Canyon. 

By 8th grade, students are ready to be active participants in choosing their high school. They and their parents meet with High School Placement Director in private sessions to discuss their future and recommendations for high school applications. 

St. Martin's guides the process, coaching students for the SSAT and preparing them for school interviews. SMES invites many local independent schools to our campus for presentations to the 8th grade and holds an annual Boarding School Forum for students and their parents. 

SMES graduates choose from Atlanta independent high schools, country or city schools, magnet programs and boarding schools. Most 8th graders receive multiple acceptances to independent high schools, even when competing for admission to highly selective programs.