Student Support Services works with classroom teachers, tutors, counselors, and principals to effectively  meet the needs of our students. Through this team approach, we develop an individualized plan to help a student achieve success

Support Services provide:

Informal assessments and observations as requested by a teacher or parent.

All students in grades 1-3 are assessed 3 times a year to measure reading progress. 

Additional support for students as needed through in-school or after-school tutoring:
  • During school hours, students may receive one-on-one or small group support by our learning specialist in academic areas or Orton-Gillingham tutoring by our Certified Level Orton-Gillingham teacher.  Students approved for this must have an evaluation on file.  
  • After-school tutoring is coordinated through Support Services. St. Martin’s tutors are part of our teaching staff, ensuring open communication between the tutor and the student’s teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Student Support Services (SSS)?

    We provide additional support to students as needed, whether it be tutorial time or small groups within a class. We also conduct observations and informal assessments in language arts and math as requested by a teacher or parent. SSS also coordinates all after-school tutoring activities between classroom teachers and students.
  • How is a student referred to SSS?

    A teacher or parent may observe that a student is struggling with a particular subject or encountering difficulty throughout the school day. When a teacher notices the problem, he or she would contact the parent first to let them know that we will be observing and meeting with the student. After evaluating the situation, we might recommend the student for tutoring or to have a formal assessment with an external therapist or specialist. The teacher, principal and SSS work very closely to determine the best way to support the student in need and his/her family.
  • How often do students come to SSS?

    It all depends on the student and his/her needs. Some students might come one time in a whole school year; others might need tutoring once or twice a week.

Student Support Services

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  • Photo of Sharon Bentkowski

    Ms. Sharon Bentkowski 

    Student Support Specialist
    State University College of New York at Buffalo - B.S.Ed.
    State University College of New York at Buffalo - M.S.Ed.
  • Photo of Anna Pierce

    Mrs. Anna Pierce 

    Associate Level Orton Gillingham Tutor
    Converse College - B.A.
    Converse College - M. Ed.
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