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Learning is a continuous process of growth and inquiry, in which all knowledge is interconnected and organized to understand and predict consequences of new situations. A STEM curriculum uses this idea of relational learning to help students develop their problem solving skills within a framework of sciencetechnologyengineering, and math. However, from the most basic concepts to remarkably advanced forms of theoretical mathematics, learning is also a social, creative and surprisingly spontaneous process.  A STEAM curriculum builds upon the STEM foundation and cultivates a student’s ingenuity and cultural awareness by including the arts in the curriculum model. A STEAM-integrated education focuses on experiential learning that allows students to engage in real-world problems and solutions and gives them the opportunity to learn by succeeding, building resiliency as they look for different and better ways to solve a problem. 

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STEAM at St. Martin's


STEAM@SMES is designed to encourage, educate and prepare our students to understand and value science, technology , engineering, math and the arts. Progressing from the broad to the specific, our STEAM@SMES curriculum is centered around student creativity and an understanding of relational learning, rather than rote memorization and knowledge. To foster active inquiry, St. Martin’s students are encouraged to feel ownership over their educational experience.  By studying in a minds-on, hands-on manner, our students look beyond the classroom and ask about the impact, both positive and negative, that humans have on the world around them. St. Martin’s graduates are more confident in questioning the world around them and expressing themselves freely and have a stronger love for learning.  

STEAM@SMES prioritizes an education that will prepare SMES students to be problem-solvers, innovators, creators, inventors and logical thinkers, skills that are vital for success in high school, the workplace, and critical to our collective future. 

Meet the Team

Mrs. Lauren Kohlhoff

Mrs. Lauren Kohlhoff

Elementary Academic Dean and STEAM Coordinator

STEAM Curriculum

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