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Religion & Chapel

St. Martin's Episcopal School is a Christian community whose mission integrates spiritual formation into all aspects of the educational experience. St. Martin's is true to its mission to educate the whole child in a loving, Christian environment. This is accomplished in a graceful and inclusive manner, which is a hallmark of the Anglican approach to education. Our mission to form students spiritually is visible in the following ways:

Morning Devotion

All homeroom teachers begin the day with a morning devotion. These range from reading out of a daily devotional book to saying prayers together. Each devotion takes less than 15 minutes and sets a tone for the rest of the day - that we are on holy ground and the lessons we learn are important and have purpose. 

Weekly Chapel Service 

Every Tuesday, the school comes together in the church for chapel. Chapel format is similar to a Morning Prayer service from the Book of Common Prayer in the Episcopal Church. We worship, read scripture, listen to a sermon and sing hymns. 

Monthly Eucharist 

One Monday per month is dedicated as a full Eucharist service. At this service, we follow the Eucharistic rites of the Episcopal Church and we share communion together. 

Religion Class 

Students take a religion course every year. Course topics include Bible Basics, Church History, Old Testament, New Testament, World Religions and Ethics. 

SOLVE - Serving Others through Leadership, Volunteerism and Education

SOLVE is St. Martin's school-wide community service program. Service learning is an outward and visible sign of our inward and spiritual grace. What we do is a reflection of what we believe and how God is moving in our hearts. By serving, we connect to what God is doing in our lives and therefore learn important lessons not only about who we are but who God is. 

Warrior Wings

Warrior Wings is a parent-led program that helps school families at times of major illness, birth/adoption or death of immediate family members by providing and delivering meals. 

Episcopal Identity - Bishop Robert Wright

Religion Curriculum