By actively meeting the developmental needs of early adolescents in grades 6 to 8, the Middle School program allows students to grow into themselves - academically, physically, artistically and spiritually.

The Middle School has a traditional structure designed to prepare students for academically rigorous high schools. A stimulating curriculum engages young minds by developing sound study skills and creating inquisitive habits of mind. Technology is integrated in all areas. The Middle School is committed to the development of the whole child. Students are encouraged to be physically fit through P.E. classes and athletic programs. The fine arts are emphasized through co-curricular classes and a variety of music, art and drama activities. Spirituality is addressed with both religion classes and weekly chapels, often involving the Student Vestry.

Experienced, committed Middle School educators who care about each student and respect individual differences have specific goals: to teach responsibility, encourage intellectual curiosity, show that hard work leads to success and foster an excitement for lifelong learning.

The Middle School students are the oldest on campus. They fulfill a variety of leadership roles in their classrooms and in the school community. Students hold leadership positions in student government, on sports teams, in clubs and in service activities. In preparation for their futures, students are authentic leaders learning to set goals, work together and be flexible in a world where change is ongoing.


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  • English

    20151001-smes-0024 MS English.jpgSixth grade English starts students on the path of building core English skills necessary for success: clear,precise writing; critical reading and use of correct grammar; and vocabulary development. Throughout Middle School, students use this foundation to enhance their writing in assignments that vary from creative responses to literature to five-paragraph, thesis-driven literary analysis essays. The vocabulary program, Membean, is used from 6th through 8th grade and incorporates multi-modal learning techniques to enhance word understanding and retention. Students' literature studies include independent reading in each grade level and culminate in the 8th grade with To Kill a Mockingbird and
    Romeo and Juliet.
  • Fine Arts

    20151001-smes-0006 MS Fine Arts.jpgStudents select from choral music, instrumental music, speech & drama and visual arts. The chorus and band perform at school events throughout the year. Speech & Drama students perform at an annual showcase; many also try out for the annual spring musical. Visual Arts students work more independently in a casual art lab setting in drawing, painting, fiber arts, ceramics, and digital art.  The school hosts an annual Celebration of the Arts to showcase students' work.
  • Math

    20140930-stmartin-0297 MS Math.jpgStarting in 6th grade, students are introduced to algebra and geometry, with completion of Algebra I by the end of 8th grade. Teaching methods vary with each teacher and include cooperative learning activities, teacher-directed and student-directed projects, and exploratory methods.
  • Physical Education

    20140930-stmartin-0370 MS PE.jpgThe comprehensive physical education program helps students develop a lifelong commitment to their own physical well-being, health and personal fitness. Students also learn skills through cooperation and teamwork
  • Religion

    20140930-stmartin-0322 MS religion.jpgThe 6th grade curriculum focuses on increasing the student’s knowledge of the Bible, particularly in the Hebrew Testament. Students will learn ways to apply Biblical principles in everyday situations and connect Biblical insights with their own. The 7th grade curriculum continues to emphasize familiarity with and study of the Bible, particularly the Christian/New Testament and the four Gospels. The course will offer an introduction to major world religions. The 8th grade religion seminar is a study in the field of ethics. Students consider ideas from religion, history, culture and philosophy. Influential individuals from Socrates to present day leaders are studied in order to explore more deeply ethical thought and behavior.
  • Science

    20151001-smes-0281 MS science.jpg6th grade science explores earth science, such as the study of solids, liquids, gases, atoms, compounds and mixtures, physical and chemical changes of matter, electricity, sound, atmosphere, weather patterns, air pollution types, groundwater pollution, overuse and other features. 7th grade science focuses on life science, including viruses and cells, cell processes and reproduction, genetics, evolution, bacteria, plants, animal behavior, ecology and human body systems. 8th grade science includes the study of chemistry, the properties of matter and its changes, minerals, rocks, natural resources, earthquakes, volcanoes, astronomy, the solar system and the structure of the universe. All students participate in an annual science fair.
  • Social Studies

    20151001-smes-0021 MS Soc Studies.jpgThe 6th grade social studies curriculum focuses on the history of the modern United States. The integral concepts of economics, western democracy, civil rights, and leadership are woven throughout the course. The 7th grade Social Studies course focuses on the physical and human geography of the Western Hemisphere, introducing the fundamental concepts of physical and human geography and exploring connections between environments and populations, world political and economic systems, overpopulation and causes for regional affluence and poverty. A portion of the class is also devoted to the study of Georgia History. The 8th grade course focuses on the physical and human geography of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Special group projects are based on research, problem solving, evaluation and presentation skills.
  • Technology

    20151001-smes-0090 MS Technology.jpgIn 6th grade Computer Science, students learn history and terminology of computers and start introduction to programming. In 7th grade, students delve into graphically based programming language and animation. In 8th grade, students learn robotics and text language programming software to build and program their own robots.
  • World Language

    20151001-smes-0029 MSForeign Lang (1).jpgStudents select either Spanish or French. The goal is to build on the foundation of the elementary programs and to continue the progression towards communicative competence. They learn about the culture as well as vocabulary and grammar to facilitate communication. By 8th grade, they are speaking the language as much as possible and preparing for high school programs. Many of our graduates test into Spanish II or French II in their 9th-grade year.

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St. Martin’s Episcopal School is a private day school for students in preschool through grade 8, located in Atlanta, GA. We are dedicated to providing a quality education of the whole person in a loving, Christian atmosphere, which fosters lifelong learning.