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Innovation and Design

Children are natural inquirers and innovators. They observe the world around them and work to make sense of it by asking “why,” “how” and “what if” to seek answers and to form deep understanding. At St. Martin’s, we know the true power of knowledge is unlocked when a strong foundation in the core subjects of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts are coupled with authentic opportunities to ask questions, explore ideas, and take risks. In our lab spaces, students think creatively and make meaningful connections through carefully crafted learning experiences inspired by design thinking and project-based learning principles. Our Early Childhood TinkerLab and our I&D Lab spaces are led by a team of dedicated teachers committed to fostering the essential skills of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Students hone these skills throughout their educational journey, inspiring enthusiasm for learning beyond St. Martin’s.


Innovation and Design @ SMES

Our Innovation and Design curriculum embraces learning as a process and incorporates many modalities to inspire critical thinking and creativity. Whether students work with wood in our woodshop, code simple robots, or design solutions for real-world challenges in our Innovation and Design Lab, deep connections are made, and new levels of understanding are taking root. From fostering the natural curiosity in our youngest learners in Early Childhood to formalizing the thinking and design process in the Lower School, to innovating solutions in the Middle School, the I&D curriculum utilizes a hands-on, minds-on approach at every level. The result is a skillful communicator and a collaborative thinker who dares to take risks as an active participant in their learning. 


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