St. Martin’s Early Childhood Program recognizes that 2-5-year-old children are brimming with natural curiosity. Our curriculum challenges this need to know and embraces the inexhaustible energies of this age group. St. Martin’s Early Childhood students learn to Explore, Investigate and Ask Questions. Learning becomes an adventure leading to exciting discoveries that leave children asking for MORE.

We offer a supportive, yet challenging environment where highly skilled and dedicated teachers begin to lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning. We provide an environment that is safe, warm, caring and nurturing and a curriculum that is directed toward developing the “total” child. Students satisfy their insatiable thirst for knowledge with many hands-on opportunities which engage the mind, hands and heart.
Our superb Early Childhood curriculum stands apart from others. Academic and life skills are taught as our young learners work in a variety of “centers.” The individual needs of each child are recognized and his/her special talents are cultivated and celebrated. 

Religion classes, Guidance classes and Chapel are all integral parts of St. Martin’s program. Here students learn to develop enduring values and ethical behaviors such as kindness and responsibility. All classes hold a special devotional time each day and students attend a weekly chapel service. We want the children to feel very safe and secure within our walls and to know that God is always with them.

Many Early Childhood students participate in the Explorers Extended-Day program, which offers before- and after-school care, as well as a variety of enrichment classes.  
St. Martin's learning environment emphasizes important concepts and values such as respect for self and others. Our students grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually within a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment.


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  • Science Lab & Outdoor Classroom

    St. Martin’s award-winning Outdoor Classroom is a Certified Natural Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation and a Nature Explore Classroom certified by the Arbor Day Foundation. Our Outdoor Classroom has many different areas the children can explore: a dinosaur excavation site, a pond with fish and frogs, numerous gardening beds, a large shaded gazebo, open green space and a greenhouse. Students learn to love nature and to cooperate, collaborate and appreciate the work of others as they explore the Outdoor Classroom. 

    Watch the science lab video A World of Discovery here. 
    In the Early Childhood Science Lab, we merge Science, Math and Technology education. Students participate in hands-on experiences using iPads, a SMART Board, a SMART Table and High Definition Digital Microscopes connected to laptops. By integrating Science, Math and Technology students make connections that are concrete and long-lasting.

    Download the science lab brochure to learn more. 
  • Reading & Technology

    77096_15394.jpgThe Reading and Technology Lab provides students with weekly guided instruction in small groups. Using desktop computers, a SMARTBoard, iPads and a SMART Table, students practice literacy skills, phonemic awareness, rhyming and concepts about print, as well as build their skills identifying sight words, decoding and practice reading. Kindergarten students receive computer instruction and enjoy drawing pictures using KidPix, reading stories on the iPad, and playing interactive games on the SMARTBoard. They also use several subscription websites that allow them to complete self-paced activities at home and at school. Our Reading Resource Teacher meets weekly with students in small groups. The purpose of this program is to provide additional activities and strategies for children as they progress from an early emergent reader to an early fluent reader and beyond. Materials of various reading skill levels are used to enhance the student’s phonics skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary growth and love of reading.
  • Math

    77100_15397.jpgAs Mathematicians, students investigate mathematical ideas and engage in meaningful, hands-on activities. They sort and classify blocks at clean-up time or they might record the number of monarch butterflies emerging from chrysalises for another activity. They are challenged as they count the number of rings on a tree slice or the number of steps from point A to point B in the Outdoor Classroom.
  • Language Arts & World Language

    77095_15393.jpgA richly integrated, phonemic awareness program guides children in listening to and manipulating sound and rhyme. This lays a solid foundation for learning and loving to read. Both Spanish and French are taught using multisensory methods. Students learn by playing games and have fun!
  • Chapel & Religion

    77093_15370.jpgAs an Episcopal school, the community affirms the beliefs and traditions of the Episcopal Church while also celebrating religious diversity. Our students and teachers come together in joyful fellowship to worship and to learn about the Living God. In weekly chapel, we are able to pause and dwell within the wonder, curiosity, and awe that characterize the spirits of young children. Early Childhood students attend religion class once a week. Our religion program is designed to foster respect, tolerance and understanding of the faith traditions, beliefs and customs practiced both by members of our school community and people around the world. As we learn together about God’s great love for us through the lively telling of biblical stories, our hope is that children will learn not only about God, Jesus, and all of God’s people, but also about their own hearts of worship.
  • Music & Movement

    343831_3510081.jpgThe Music and Movement curriculum combines instruction in Music and Physical Education. These early experiences provide the foundation for success in future music classes and sports programs. Learning through play is the goal. Children sing, clap, march, dance and play simple rhythm instruments. In movement, children play non-competitive games with kicking, throwing, bouncing or dribbling a ball, catching and striking skills and more.
  • Visual Art

    77098_15398.jpgStudents enjoy a wide variety of art projects which frequently intersect with the language arts, science and social studies curriculum. Toddlers through Kindergarten students have a lesson in the Art Lab once a week. Students learn important skills such as listening, expressing themselves, working independently, and behaving responsibly. Through art activities, students begin to develop skills such as line, shape, form, pattern, space, and color. The art experience is well integrated with the curriculum in the classroom and also in the Outdoor Classroom.
  • Guidance

    77097_15395.jpgA character education program is taught weekly by the Guidance Counselor in each of the Early Childhood classrooms. Social aspects are taught along with academics. Six of these social skills are particularly important: learning that it feels good to help other people; developing empathy; understanding that everyone has rights that must be respected; learning to be generous; discovering the value of cooperation; and discovering the joys of friendship

Early Childhood Curriculum Highlights

Early Childhood Learning Center

Hours of Operation

2-yr olds, 3-yr-olds & Pre-K M, T, Th, F - 8:10 am – 1:30 pm
 W - 9 am - 1:30
Kindergarten M, T, Th, F - 8:10 am - 2:50 pm
W- 9 am - 1:30

Early Childhood Overview

St. Martin’s Episcopal School is a private day school for students in preschool through grade 8, located in Atlanta, GA. We are dedicated to providing a quality education of the whole person in a loving, Christian atmosphere, which fosters lifelong learning.