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Episcopal Identity

Mission Statement

St. Martin’s Episcopal School is dedicated to providing a quality education of the whole person in a loving, Christian atmosphere, which fosters lifelong learning.


St. Martin's Episcopal School is a coeducational day school serving more than 650 students from infants through 8th grade. The school welcomes mission-appropriate children without regard to race, color, creed or national origin. The cornerstone of St. Martin’s philosophy is expressed in the school mission to provide a quality education of the whole person in a loving, Christian atmosphere, which fosters lifelong learning.

St. Martin's believes in: 

  • providing students the opportunity to reach their highest potential for intellectual achievement, aesthetic appreciation and physical development.
  • developing within each student spiritual growth based on the Christian tradition, moral standards, sound judgment in ethical decision-making and self-discipline.
  • responsible stewardship, citizenship and community service.
  • providing students experienced, dedicated teachers and administrators who work together in an atmosphere of affection, trust and security. 
  • Welcoming all students of diverse backgrounds. 

Why Choose an Episcopal School?

Episcopal Schools are ministries of the Episcopal Church. As such, they are a rich source of traditional academic learning, as well as spiritual wisdom passed from generation to generation through tradition, reason and scripture. This three-legged stool, as it is often referred to, grounds our students and educates the whole person. Additionally, the checks and balances among scripture, reason and tradition ensure that our theology, sacred texts and experiences do not trap us into complacency. We are always discerning truth and listening for God's voice. 

When students leave St. Martin's, they have been inspired to become adults. They have lived in a community that does not suggest they stay young and wild and beautiful. They have lived in a community that suggests that there is value in growing older and wiser, assuming responsibilities and contributing to the common good. Episcopal school students receive a competitive education and are expected to grow up and contribute to the world's healing. They are surrounded by individuals who believe they are up for the task. 

Our students soak daily in a pool of Christ's teachings, and it is the deep conviction of the Episcopal Church that Jesus' primary message was one of love and acceptance. Therefore, inclusion is the cornerstone of the Episcopal faith. Episcopal theology errs on the side of love — we believe that grace will handle any gaps between love and righteousness. This means all are welcome, and all are in God's fold. We believe that accepting different people and examining other faiths is vital in creating a full picture of God. 

This full and solid foundation enables students to feel safe enough to explore who they are and connect to God's voice — gently guiding them toward confidence and authenticity in a world that craves solid, reliable leaders.

Colorful Vertical Core Values